Picked up my new glasses today. They’re a lot stronger than the last pair. Long distances are in focus, everything nearby is super crisp, and I already have a pounding headache to accompany the gorgeous view. Boo.
It’s strange, but as much as I like this new clear world, I almost miss the blurriness. It was fuzzy and welcoming and didn’t hurt my head. I guess only time will tell whether this newfound clarity will be worth the pain.

In other news, I bought a cool book! Advertising in the 1970’s- basically, a historical picture book. It features a wide range of ads: from cigarettes to cars to movies to vacuum cleaners, all of which are pretty entertaining. Though, the best part is realizing that no matter how much the art of manipulating society may evolve over time, it never really changes. Comforting, I know.

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