Frankestein in Baghdad

Frankenstein in Baghdad

Hadi has been sewing together the body parts of civilians killed by the relentless bombing of his Baghdadi neighborhood:

“I made it complete so it wouldn’t be treated as trash, so it would be respected like other dead people and given a proper burial”

What starts as one man intent on making a political statement quickly unravels into a surreal tale of a tale of grief and vengeance. Several unreliable narrators -from magicians to journalists to government agents- attempt to investigate and piece together the mysterious events. A creative and immersive read, Frankenstein in Baghdad explores the nature of true justice, the cycles of fear that perpetuates hate and how war inspires a cultish devotion to a cause. Definitely recommended if you like your political commentary with a heavy dose of magical realism.

Update: It made the Man Booker 2018 Short List!

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