Hoooooooray Beach! Hooray Beer!

Woke up around ten with the SUN ACTUALLY SHINING (huzzah!) so we ran down immediately to the beach (and stayed there till… now.) Cracked open a Corona and started rereading Fear and Loathing. It’s been my first summer pleasure read three years in a row, which I figure by now can be considered a tradition. But that actually didn’t last too long- sitting thisclose to the ocean and hearing its alluring roar called me away. We caught some hella sweet waves man- like totally– alternating between kayaking, body-boarding, and free floating. At first the lifeguard wouldn’t let us take the equipment out because of the red hazard flags that were flying, but when he admitted that the flags were just waiting to be changed from yesterday’s madness, I think he realized he couldn’t stop us. We’re persistent. And sneaky.

Despite the crashing waves, there was a fisherman out about waist-deep in water, just chillin’ with his pole. Trying to be friendly I asked him if he’d been seeing many fish today, to which he responded “Yep, and wherever there are fish, the sharks follow. Oh, but don’t worry or nothin’ thems just the small ones.” Oh, pleasant. This didn’t actually freak me out much until we kayaked out near the sandbar and then completely ATE IT when a wave crested on our boat. I thought it would be fun idea to swim back to shore, but all I could picture beneath the deep emerald waves were hungry marine animals, circling, just biding their time.

Other than that, I bought a mango habanero hot sauce (advertised as 100% pure pain!) in a specialty store and Peter fucked a pig. Great day, this was.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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