And it’s about time. I’d bet money that one more day would have irreversibly damaged my ability to ever care about school again. Ever. But what do you expect following a week of no assignments, no class, no responsibilities? As much as I appreciated the slack (given my entire neighborhood was without power) it screwed up my body cycles of “no worries summertime” and “study study schooltime.” And really, how can I do homework with only 2 hours of available daylight and a city-wide curfew? How am I supposed to focus on classes when I have soooOOOOoo much complaining to do?
I really hope getting electricity back at my house switches on an a fresh academic mindset. I probably need that more than most household appliances anyway (because the most important things are battery operated anyway, amirite?)

Maybe next time the rain-gods will plan this out a little better: the idea is to pummel Houston with exciting! dangerous! weather without actually causing any longterm damage.
The middle class demands entertainment, after all.

Above picture taken at the Esplanade post-storm.
That’ll teach ’em to plant trees in the area.

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