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Book Review:
Sellevision does NOT get my stamp of approval. Even though Bret Easton Ellis says it’s “savvy” and “very entertaining,” I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. It tried too hard. It was not neither dark nor subtle enough. So maybe it succeeded in mocking a culture, it failed at being clever (wow this is oddly reminiscent of my I-hated-Juno rant.) Sorry. Anyway, it’s follows the stories of a handful of shopping network television show hosts- how lives intertwine, how everyone is fucked up and how they fix it. Nothing groundbreaking. Blah.

Today we went to Claim Jumpers for dinner. I have never seen such big portions in all of my life. We need us one of them in Texas.

After that we dropped into Half Price Books, which means I’m now equipped for my plane ride home. I just have to decide between Lunar Park or Girl Interrupted. It really just depends on whether I’m in the mood for my least favorite book by my (currently) favorite author or something (& someone) that I have never read before, a haunted furby or a woman with borderline personality disorder, dark and depressing or dark and depressing. Decisions, decisions…

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself:
Random: the Stranger Than Fiction soundtrack has reawakened appreciation for Spoon. Yay!

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