Industries of the Future

Industries of the Future 
by Alec J. Ross
Published: Feb 2016

 Senior Innovation Adviser to the Obama administration and tech policy guru Alec Ross deconstructs recent trends in tech around the world in an effort to project some semblance of where we’re headed in this increasingly digitized, analyzed global market. He explores the frontiers of robotics, genomics, Big Data, cryptocurrencies and cyberattacks– but not without setting the historical stage for each industry’s inception and meteoric growth. I think what I appreciated most was learning how different nations are setting the stage for advances in these fields: either by trying to recreate Silicon Valley, by opening up the workforce (to young adults and women), or by leap-frogging past generations of innovations (ie: African countries getting cell phones before landlines)

4.5 out of 5 stars: Informative and educational, but somehow in the span of a year, some parts of the book have already become outdated (UBER’s outta control like whoa).

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