It’s phony goddamnit…but mysto…

“They mean it. Everything in everybody’s life is…significant. And everybody is alert, watching for meanings. And the vibrations. There is no end of vibrations. But anyway, this talk just flows. Everyone is picking up on the most minute incident as if they are metaphors for life itself. Everybody’s life becomes more fabulous, every minute, than the most fabulous book. It’s phony goddamn it…but mysto…and after awhile it starts to infect you, like an itch, roseola.

There is also a lot about games. The straight world outside, it seems, is made up of millions of people involved, trapped in games they aren’t even aware of.”

“…Now I’m doing it again, ah, that amiable itch, I just extracted a metaphor, a piece of transcendental bullshit from this freaking toothbrush case.”

-Tom Wolfe
Electric Koolaid Acid Test

I think I’m going to start posting awesome quotes here as a way to keep them all in one spot without *heaven forbid* overloading my Facebook info.

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