I’ve Measured Out My Life in Coffee Pots

Fellow Caffeine Addicts, this is a note for you. I’d like propose an quasi-experiment based purely on information gleaned from a Futurama episode . We will be utilizing qualitative methods so if you want to participate, I will expect serious field notes of experiences and observations. Here’s a rundown of the procedure:
Step 1: Drink 100 cups of coffee in a 24 hour period. (YouTube user incrediblydownfallen recommends you accomplish this to the tune of a Dethklok song and I am inclined to agree)

Step 2: Observe and document the phenomenological effects on time perception. You don’t have to set your house/workplace on fire, but hey let’s just face facts, it can only make things more interesting.

Allright, who’s down? I’ve already started supersaturating my bloodstream with delicious Colombian-Dark-Roast goodness …FOR SCIENCE! *twitch*

edit: Oh wait, just in case I’m legally obligated to write this somewhere, “Seriously though guys, I’m not actually advocating you drink yourself to death by means of heart explosion. Be responsible. No more than 63…64 cups a day. Anything more is just reckless.”

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