Mmm, Walt Disney’s Head on a Platter

Obsession of the week: David O’Reilly, animator extraordinnaire!
I like that even though he toys with abstract/absurd images, he still manages to achieve some sense of realism and poignancy. After stalking him on Vimeo , I’ve come up with a list of MUST-SEEs for all you bored internet fiends.  First, ????? (my favorite) a clip from a previous film collaboration. 

Yes, that is Walt Disney’s head.  Yes, you can have one of your very own. Take up OReilly’s challenge and create something fun out of it. (Download- 3D WALT DISNEY HEAD.)

Next, Please Say Something  is a short film about a cat and mouse in a “troubled relationship.” This has been winning all kinds of awards (Golden Bear at 2009 Berlinale, Best German film at Oberhausen).  I love the way he uses sound in this short- he seems to channel everything I love about David Lynch.

There’s also Son of Rambow – an episodic depiction of how a young  illustrator sees the world, Floaters – a short starring the bio- debris that floats around in your eyeball jelly (is that awesome or WHAT?)BANG – some explosive graphics for an M.I.A song, which apparently COME OUT OF THE SCREEN AND SHOOT YOU if you wear 3-d glasses, Identity – is his logo a pooping dog or a flying duck? The world may never know!, and his iPhone app of a kitty hologram.

You can follow David on Twitter or go to his website for more info/works/stuff.

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