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Nothing much new this week.
Insert generic complaints about school, overall tiredness, strange weather etc. Every day brings a new excuse to skip classes, go to bed (or similar iterations: skip classes, catch up on work and skip classes, play outside) Something about Spring semester in general just pisses me off for no good reason. Probably the cumulative lack of sleep and proximity to summer.


Cute swedish electro-pop group. Their sound is definitely reminiscent of old-school video/computer game music, and listening to it almost makes you feel 8-bit. Almost. Fun fact: Slagsmålsklubben means “fight club” in Swedish. Here’s a cute techie interpretation of “Little Red Riding Hood” using their song “Sponsored by Destiny”:

Slagsmålsklubben – Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.

Not a exactly a new band, but a new album! Hooray!
Junior was released online March 23, and Senior (a “more mature and introspective album”) will be coming out some time later 2009. So be on the look-out! Till then, we can just replay the video for “Happy Up Here” over and over because Space Invaders rock.

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

Lemon Jelly
Sounds delicious, yea? WELL IT IS. And it’s also super chill “trip-hop.” Songs @ seeqpod. But since EVERYOTHERBAND I posted got a vimeo embed, I figure it’s only fair to include one here: okay, so you know how people with too much time and Christmas spirit wire up their house’s lights to flicker synchronized to the tune of a Trans Siberian Orchestra song? Well someone chose to use Lemon Jelly’s “Space Walk” instead! Whatta trendsetter.

HD Version – Space Walk – Christmas Display from Richard Holdman on Vimeo.

I hadn’t heard of this group till they came out with a video for the song “Gifted” (which features Kanye West, Santogold, and Lykke Li). But a little background check proves them to be as fucking awesome as the vid implies. Basically, N.A.S.A. is the musical production two DJ’s and their “international collective of musicians.” Which translates to ‘catchy melodies that transcend genre’. Nice.

N.A.S.A. – “Gifted” video from Anti Records on Vimeo.

MOAR @ myspace.

And a little musical sidenote from the ole’ orifice:
If you’re into the whole female-vocalist-acoustic-guitar thing, check out Jasmine Commerce. She’s a coworker’s friend from college, which is pretty cute and worth a mention. In other news, my boss’s high school friends also started a band, and they’re more my style. You might have heard of them….

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