Oh Rauschenberg, You Elusive Beast

Visiting the Menil Collection always brings back good memories. Houston in the Summertime. Wandering the surrounding neighborhoods back when I didn’t recognize the street names… Good times.
Which leads me to this post’s
Bad News:
That big Rauschenberg from the back room has been replaced. (I know, I know, it’s really embarrassing that I don’t even know the name of my favorite. All I remember was that it was hard to remember and I to write it down somewhere after every visit. Yea, a lot of good that did). Honestly I’m a lot more torn up about this than I thought I would be, and I blame this on the fact that I CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE ONLINE. Seriously, anywhere. (It’d probably help a bit if I knew the name but that’s not the point). I’ve been looking through artcyclopedia archives for about an hour, which in internet time is like fucking YEARS. Zipped through the first three stages of grief like nobody’s business, getting hopelessly stuck on the fourth which I assume will stick around until I either FIND THE GODDAMNED PIECE or realize I’ve wasted an entire afternoon pining instead of writing up that Research Methods paper. I should go do that at some point.
Good news:
My desperate searching hasn’t necessarily been in vain. Apparently by browsing through every. single. art. archive. ever. you turn up some pretty obscure works (whodathunk) So I present to you: Rauschenberg on Dante’s Inferno.
Specifically, this one is Canto VIII: Walking around in the fifth circle of hell and Virgil getting denied entry into Lower Hell (a-thank you, Sparknotes). There’s an entire gallery if 12th-century-literature-you-read-in-high-school-but-don’t-remember-too-well is your thing.
Also, I found that there are a lot of places nearby-ish that have Rauschenberg pieces on permanent exhibition. Fieldtrip, friends?
Downtown Houston MFAH, R-berg count: 3
Obviously, Menil Collection, R-berg count: LESS THAN IT SHOULD BE.
The Modern in Fort Worth, R-berg count: 2
And last but not least, Save the Date!
Sunday, June 6, 2010, 3:00 p.m local artist Nathaniel Donnett will be speaking on Robert Rauschenberg in The Menil.
: : : : : More Menil Programs
I have the best friends in the universe! Charlotte found it!! The piece is called “Holiday Ruse (Nightshade)” and the only picture I can find of it is on this artblog. (Which does a great job of describing the museums and neighborhood in the area, by the way)
Now I just need it back.
plz k thx

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