Oh Rice Baseball, how I missed you.

Rice vs. University of Texas

Some thoughts:
  • First off, WE WON. Ha. Suck it, Longhorns.
  • But winning isn’t everything- I’d like to congratulate us on a surprisingly underwhelming number of errors. Huzzah.
  • Hey, remember the idea that “OUR ENERGY WILL PREVAIL“? Yup, definitely still there. Something about being there in Reckling with a crowd full of screaming fans inspires inextinguishable confidence in all things right and good. Namely, Rice.
  • Rick Hague’s home run scored him four ass-slaps (count it!) Keep up the good work boys and remember, the more inappropriate the physical contact the better it is for crowd team spirit!
  • So many new players! This is the first game I was able to schedule my disgusting amounts of homework around, so I want to issue an informal welcome out to Steven Sultzbaugh, Jeremy Rathjen, Brock Holt and all the other dudes I have yet to stalk on the Athletics website. (though Brock Holt gets an extra special welcome for picking the “Requiem for a Dream” theme song as his intro.)
  • Notable fan ritual: While obviously, nothing will ever top the Beanie-Owl-voodoo I witnessed at Regionals, a lady in the front row held up a Go, Diego, Go doll that blew bubbles every time Diego went up to bat. Why hadn’t I THOUGHT OF THAT?! Well, actually, even though me and Seastrunk are basicallybestfriends (read, he was in my O-week group) , it’s probably best I keep my Diego obsession’s separate. One is for baseball. The other is for sheets.

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Note: So maybe a good chunk of this was really just self-promotional links back to my previous baseball posts, but I promise as the season continues I’ll be able to generate more creative thoughts. That and I’m in the middle of writing 3 midterm essays due Thursday. That’s where I’ll be spilling all my brain juices for now, thank you very much.

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