One more time.

Today I decided it would be a good idea to walk out to my aunt’s house. She was going to take me to lunch and a haircut, so I figured I would do her a favor and save her the drive to campus. She lives in WestU, so it was really the perfect plan- I could make a pit stop in the Village for a Jamba Juice refueling (or rather, my daily fix), pick up a book I ordered at the WestU library (Kings of Methlehem… I hope it’s as cahrazy as it sounds), and then meet her with time to spare. Halfway there, she calls me asking where I want to be picked up, to which I gleefully respond, “Don’t worry about it! I’m walking over so I’ll probably be there in about twenty minutes.” She laughs for a bit and reminds me that she moved earlier this summer. Far away. Past 610. Which means I’m retarded and walking to the wrong house. Now that was a fun conversation. Though I have to say, the award for most awkward exchange of words goes to one we had later in the day:

Aunt: What’s that red mark near your shoulder?
Me: What mark? Oh, err…it’s from my bag. I always put too much stuff in it so it’s really heavy.
Aunt: Ah, okay. I was worried for a moment. And what’s that mark on your neck?
Me: Uhm…that’s from my bag too. Sometimes I have to change up the way I wear it since it’s so heavy…
Aunt: Hm, it looks more like a bruise.
Me: I bruise easily.
Aunt: On your neck?
Me: Wowlookattheclouds! Can you believe that it’s looked like it was going to rain all day and it hasn’t yet? Houston weather is so crazy.

In other news, I’m temporarily obsessing over Daft Punk. Again. I blame the viewing of Interstella 5555 (anime version of the album. So fucking good.) I went through Discovery on my walk to the house that is NOT my aunt’s and it turned out to be surprisingly good background music. Especially for a journey leading nowhere. One more time. (Story of my fucking life, amirite?) The songs all set the perfect walking pace and I realized that the lyrics, though repetitive, shouldn’t be discarded as just meaningless accompaniment to the pulsing melody. Music makes you feel so free. Don’t stop. Let’s just celebrate. You know you need it. Hey. I need it too. Allright. It’s good for you.
One more time.

So yea, good day. I really enjoyed my walk. Found some gorgeous flowers (see pic above. I bet you thought I stole that off the inturwebz to add some color to this post, didn’tya? WELL I DIDN’T. Houston really is quite colorful when you stop and look around), really listened to a great soundtrack…

I guess even journeys to nowhere can end up being pretty meaningful if you let them.

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