Ready Player One

Ready Player One 
by Ernest Cline
Pusblished: Aug 2011

Reads like YA fic but clearly written with adults nostalgic for the 80’s in mind. Set in a bleak and crisis-riddled future where most people spend their time plugged into a virtual-reality MMO/Second Life type of game searching for an easter egg quest hidden by the late creator. Surprisingly packed with references and trivia, would recommend for anyone who digs precocious kid adventures and mental chess a la Ender’s Game. Get ready to dive way too deep into 80’s pop culture, scifi/fantasy lore with a crash course in old school arcade and console videogames.

Bonus: They’ve just released a trailer for the upcoming 2018 film! I wonder if Spielberg will be able to resist referencing his own work – like how Will Wheaton both makes a cameo in the story and reads the audiobook.

4.5 out of 5 stars: A fun, all-consuming read for anyone ready to fetishize the 80’s and secretly wish we’d just barrel into Energy Crisis post-apocalyptic VR world already.

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