Cheese wrapped in bacon wrapped in meat wrapped in bacon
Best Meta-Dinner Ever.

Hyperboles aside, this is a deliciously efficient recipe. Slice this bad boy into 10 pieces and you’ll be satiated with just one (unless you’re in SUPER HUNGER mode – then maybe 2). Don’t worry, we also laughed at this stat (1/10th? PAH!) figured we’d just cut it in half anyway and enjoy our weekly dose of ….well, everything. What better way to celebrate the birth of our nation? But long, boring story short, we ended up having a tiny slice and being full for hours. These meats don’t mess around.

~25 pieces of thick cut bacon (maybe get 30 just in case)
3/4 package of ground beef
1/2 pound of ground italian sausage
4 oz of shredded cheddah cheese
Assorted seasonings: Cumin most def. We also used some Red Cloud ** 
2 hours
So Much Aluminum Foil.
We pretty much used CavemanKeto‘s recipe to the T except for the “grinding your own meat” part. Also I changed the meat portions to fit what we did, but definitely check his out so you can make your own decisions. 
Make a 5×6 bacon grid, bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes (til it’s well cooked)
Mix up the ground beef and sausage. Should be about 24oz of squishy deliciousness.
[Unrelated: this.gif gives me the weirdest boner. I mean, what?]
Make a rectangle of the groundstuffs atop the now cooked baconweave. Season it!
FLIP IT OVER! Cheese the middle and roll it up.
Refrigerate for 10-20 mins to let seasonings seep in.
Make a 7×7 bacon weave and roll your meat log up diagonally across it.
Ta-da! We rolled ours in foil before baking, but you can also put it on a baking rack atop a pan.
Bake for ~1 hour at 400 degrees.
Let it sit for 10 mins to cool off. Then slice up and enjoy!

**Thank god you can buy Red Cloud online in bulk. They’ve made a lifelong customer in me – this stuff is phenomenal on EVERYTHING meat related. Also popcorn.

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