Rock ‘n Roll. Deal With It.


Chill day #2.
Sat outside by the pool. Read Rules of Attraction.
Walked to Safeway (for grapefruits! yay!) and Blockbuster (for romantic comedies! boo!)
Sat outside some more. Watched the sun set.
Then at night we went out and saw Get Smart, which was really really good. Really. Cute, good acting, decent amount of political satire, and of course, three million cameos.
Even the trailers before the movie were pretty bad ass. Dark Knight looked glorious, but that’s old news. Hell Boy 2 actually caught my attention (I don’t care if the movie itself looks obnoxious. It’s all about being visually and acoustically pleasing. Who needs a plot when you’ve got the dude from Pan’s Labyrinth and a hardcore metal song in the background? Yeah, that’s what I thought.)

And then I went crazy and jumped out of a window. *CRASH *

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