Show me the way to the best Whisky Bar

So up until last night my ability to distinguish between types of whiskey was limited to how much I hated myself after doing a shot. Obviously, this attitude was part of the problem. Whisky is the pretty much the definition of a sippin’ drink and when imbibed correctly OHMYGODISITDELICIOUS.
Anyhow, the point of this post is to gush about the Nihon Whisky Lounge (and to get Alabama Song stuck in your head. Just a little). Not only do they have a ridiculous (entire wall of) selection, expert bartenders and delicious drinks- but it’s super chill atmosphere, even on a Saturday night. We sat comfortably at the bar and had the full attention of the ‘Lead Mixologist’ for a good two hours. Tim and I quickly located a stack of the bar’s business cards and used them to send him doodles, poems, and gracious messages. 
He set most of them up against the front row of display bottles, which made us very happy 

Last night’s setlist 
Drink one: Green Man Tea (scotch, green tea liquor, pineapple juice, lime juice)
Drink two: Blood & Sand (scotch, cherry brandy, fresh squeezed orange juice)
Drink three: Healthy pour of Kilchoman. (i said GODDAMN)
Drink four: Cablegram (scotch, fresh muddled ginger and lemon)
A nice classy cherry on top of a wonderful evening – they recommend you drink a glass of water per drink served, which not only extends the lifespan general cognitive capacities but also allows you to appreciate what you’re drinking. Novel concept, I know.
I really need to make a habit of documenting these adventures in #drinksperimentation. Blogging is already an exercise in external memory dumps, may as well make it a platform to easily access crazy recipes for inevitable future thirsty times.

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