Observation number one: It is surprisingly easy to get from Oakland airport to the Haight-Ashbury district. Yes, I went from bus to train to another bus and walked a total of about 2 miles but it was ridiculously easy to do so. I didn’t realize public transportation could be so available, useful, and tourist-friendly. Weird.

Observation number two (brought to you by Mr. Timothy Faust, Master Fusion Food Finder): You can shove literally anything into a flour tortilla and call it a burrito. Don’t think I’m complaining about these flexible semantics though, I’m devouring them. We started with a spicy Korean bbq kimchi&pork burrito and ended the night with a Curry Up Now Green Monster delight. MulticultralWIN.
Observation number three: This has absolutely nothing to do with San Francisco and everything to do with what goes through my head when I’m alone for too long. So let’s just say, studying for the GRESubject psych test has left a fair amount of buzzwords swirling around my working memory. I first noticed this when I brought up Kandel’s experiments on the sea-slug aplysia in the middle of a conversation because I genuinely thought it was relevant. It wasn’t. But anyhow, as I sit here sippin’ my second cafe au lait of the day, I’m imagining what a coffeeshop conversation with John B. Watson would be like were he around. He’d probably point out that drinking coffee is part of a multi-reinforcement model with both primary positive (the energy, euphoria and overall warm tastiness) and primary negative (the headaches, ohtheheadaches!) reinforcement. Add in the common traits of free wifi and a chill place to sit around and you’ve even got some variable-schedule secondary positive reinforcements. Word. And now you know! (and knowing is half the battle)
Observation number four: Wandering around alone outside is officially my most favorite pastime ever. But who am I kidding, we all already knew this. There’s just something so awesomely meaningful about journeys powered solely by your rhythmic footfalls- uphills, downhills, aroundabaout hills, through parks, under trees. Suddenly everything becomes a great purposeful metaphor for life in general and as Mr. Tom Wolfe would say “it’s phony goddamnit it… but mysto...”
Observation number five: It is fucking GORGEOUS outside. And that’s all I’ve got, folks.
Now back to working on my grad school apps. Spoiler alert: Berkeley’s statement of purpose begins: “I would like to be a part of your program so that please don’t make me ever leave here ever”

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