The Telomere Effect

The Telomere Effect: The New Science of Living Younger 
by Elizabeth Blackburn, Elissa Epel
Published: Jan 2017

 Telomeres are repeating nucleotide sequences hanging out on the tips of our chromosomes – they protect the chromosomes and deteriorate with each cell division (isn’t aging a bitch?). But turns out the length of telomeres are also affected by a myriad of environmental factors: chronic stress, metabolism, sleep etc. Really was not expecting this to be a self-help style book but honestly, it was very refreshing to see all of the “tips” backed up by clinical research (and any advice was promptly followed up with varying degrees of assurance, depending on the evidence available). Plus it’s pretty cool to read about telomere research from someone who literally won a Nobel Prize for her work in discovering them.

4 out of 5: In essence this is a data-heavy look into factors we may or may not be able to manage and how they affect the rate our cells age, but it’s not like the advice itself is new. Drink water, eat raw foods, sleep a decent amount, don’t be chronically stressed. Still, cliche or not, I enjoyed the delivery and the foundation of experiments.

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