All’s Splendid on the Western Front

Trying to summarize and compile my first month of Being A Real Person Faraway From Home is making me realize that I’ve gotten some absurdly lucky breaks. From finding an apartment across the street from Golden Gate Park, to landing a job on Haight Street in a bustling local market, to absorbing a fantastic group of solid friends… It’s starting to get surreal. Usually I can blame my positive spirit on my deceptively rose-tinted glasses or the fact that I bleed eternal optimism, but I’m pretty sure these scenarios are due to circumchance and impeccable (albeit completely unintentional) timing.

Anyhow, this is as far as I plan to babble excitedly about the beauties of synchronicity. I’m thinking about slicing up my stories/memories into a three part series, lumping experiences into the categories that best capture the spirit of my cali adventures (…also life): PARKS, DRINKING, and MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT. It’s probably not going to be a very well-spaced series, seeing as I just drank a buttload of coffee but it’s definitely too much to squish into one post without boring the bejeezus out of my wonderful Greader friends.

TL;DR – Still Reaganing! Will actually update something of substance soon.

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