Ceci n’est pas une blog post

This is, instead, a mere future reflection of posts to come. An intentional and hopeful self-fulfilling prophecy. And so I present to you Things I Have Been Meaning To Write About But Haven’t So I Am Posting Them As A List Both To Encourage Writing and Pass The Time:
– Historical Justification for my obsession with Scion commercials
– Why David Lynch is a such a baller
– Understanding hallucination perception
– Bonnaroo memories (Completely unrelated to previous item. I think.)
– I FINALLY GOT A CAR and all is well in the world.
– General World Cup enthusiasm
– Postmodern analysis of some Adult Swim programs
I know part of the point of blogging is spurting out information in a well-paced, timely manner but I only have limited access to caffeine and (more importantly) a stable internet connection so this is no longer an option. Plus I am lazy. Very very very lazy.

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