Before & After (inside)

The upside of using chopped n’ dried plant matter over red chemical dyes is that your hair comes out healthier, shinier and the color lasts longer. The downside is that you have absolutely no clue what your hair will look like once you wash out the swampy mess. So, for my internet brethren — I’m posting pictures of what happens to medium brown hair when you soak it in Lawsonia inermis (You Say Vanity — I Say “For Science!”) Plus I needed to break up my [Recipe] posts, those are getting a little out of hand.

You can buy body-art quality Henna for cheap from a graduate student of Henna’s histories, traditions and biology on her website Henna for Hair.  I mixed 200g with lemon juice, let it sit for 12 hours and then added some water the next morning. Put it all up in my hair, roots first, and let it sit for 6 hours. It came out a super brassy red that has since darkened a bit (the change is pretty subtle in these pictures but I promise it’s there). 

Day1 (outside)

Day 6 (outside)

I’ll probably update it in a few months to see how long it takes to grow out. 
Check out how henna changes other people’s hair on the Mixes and Hair Chart page.

***UPDATE: 2 months in.

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