Specifically, freshly ground Southern Pecan.

I want to start reviewing things.

Coffee. Movies. Music. Cloud-computing applications.

I want Bettie Page bangs.
Assuming my hair will allow it.

I wanna learn how to work the linux-counterparts of my favorite adobe cs software.
Probably start off with GIMP, Xara, and Scribus.
I wanna finish reading those three books I started over Christmas break.
David Lynch, Acid Dreams, Everything is illuminated! Your bookmarked pages taunt me so!
I want to organize my music library, delete shit I don’t like and free up hd space.
Never been one to listen to artists ironically anyway.
I want to figure out how to connect to a wireless network while running my ubuntu partition.
Hmm, and buy an external DVD drive so I can fiiiiiinally install Win7.
I want more boots.
Especially if this cold-rainy-weather keeps up.
Coffee makes me want to do many many things- even write a post on my godforsaken blog! Basically, anything but homework.
This might be a problem.

59 at night. Because a non sequitur post deserves a non sequitur picture.

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