Freelance Design

A compilation of some of my latest work making fun logos for websites, beer bottles, and shirt designs.

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Crafty Tutorials

Ever wander around a craft store weaving in and out of aisles planning new projects as you go? Nah, me neither.

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Book Talk

Rediscovered my love of reading post grad school and now I review books for fun! FYI my personal library is always accepting donations.

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Cristina Tortarolo: itsa me

About Me

Hi, I'm Cristina Tortarolo: CTORT for short. Neuropsychology research coordinator by day, bookworm and freelance graphic artist by night.

In my spare time, I enjoy brewery hopping, exploring cities by foot or staying in and cultivating my overgrown balcony garden. I also have a habit of falling headlong into arts&crafts benders to the detriment of my once well-balanced social life. So it goes.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

Let's Chat

Interested in commissioning a logo or shirt design? Want to talk book recommendations?